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Ultimate checklist on what to do after you write a blog.

Design Angler - Wednesday, February 21, 2018

It’s really exciting for content marketers and bloggers to see how much engagement their blog posts attract. When you create amazing content you can’t wait for everyone to see what you have just written. You’re excited (who wouldn’t be), but don't let that excitement result in and become your downfall to a poor performing blog. Design Angler wants to help all bloggers, which is why we made the ultimate checklist to complete once you have finished writing your blog.

  1. Make sure your blog is for your readers and not for you.
    This piece of advice is an important one, that most bloggers forget. Why would your fans read your blog unless they are getting something out of the content you wrote? Making sure that your blog is full of useful content that your readers can use or relate to is a must. Whatever type of blog you have (if you don’t know what type of blog you want to have, you can go to https://firstsiteguide.com/blogging-types-revealed/) make sure that your content fits that category. Your readers are expecting new content and information that relate to your niche.
  2. Make sure your blog is loaded with keywords.
    Before writing your blog the first thing you should have done is determine what keywords you needed to use. To determine what keywords to use do some simple keyword research. It doesn’t have to be in depth, but it should be at least a 10 minute process. After you are done writing your blog, review it, and determine if you can add additional keywords into your blog that will increase your SEO.
  3. Make sure your research is accurate.
    Before posting your blog you need to ensure the research you did beforehand is accurate. This is for your and your readers best interest. Your readers do not want to learn questionable information from a non credible source. You as a blogger should want to maintain a great reputation. As soon as false information is posted on your blog, you have lost your credibility.
  4. Put links in your blog
    Many bloggers believe that linking your blog to another site impacts your reputation, search engine rankings, or it creates an exit portal for your readers. This is not true. Creating links on your blogs builds the readers trust and it shows that you have sources to backup your information. Also, as #1 stated, the blog is for your readers, not you. Helping your readers have a more in depth knowledge of your content by providing links that can further help them is a great way to network with other blogs, receive trackable traffic, earn a higher ranking on search engines, and create positive participation and contribution.
    If you really do not want to link to other sites, another option is to put a link back to a previous blog you have written. This will help another blog receive higher traffic.
    The last thing you should do before hitting publish is proofread. Fix any grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, and correct usage of words. If you need help, our friends at Hubspot have an awesome blog about the 30 most common grammar mistakes made.
  6. Share!
    You are ready to hit the publish button, but just because your writing is done doesn’t mean that you are finished. After you are done writing your blog you don’t want to solely rely on google rankings for your traffic. An easy and effortless way of receiving more traffic is… sharing! Send out an email, post on Facebook, tweet the link, or go to other blogging sites that let you connect with bloggers in your niche. Anything you can do to help increase the traffic to your blog is ideal.
  7. Review your analytics
    After a week you will to want to review the analytics on that blog post and any previous blog posts linked to your original blog. Reviewing your analytics will tell you how your blog is performing compared to other blogs, and typically you will discover how well your audience is responding to your content and what you should avoid.

Design Angler highly recommends using this checklist after you are done writing your blog. If you want an easy download fill out the form below to receive a short version of the checklist! If you have any questions about writing blogs, contact Design Angler and set up a consultation today!

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