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Google Confirms New Search Algorithm Change

Design Angler - Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Google doesn’t typically confirm many algorithm updates, considering they happen 1-2 times per day. These algorithm updates are usually very subtle and pertain to certain minor aspects of Google search. However, on March 7th, Google did a core algorithm update which is a much rarer occurrence, typically done several times per year versus daily. A broad core algorithm change is a major change compared to the normal algorithm updates; however, it is not a big enough change to call it a new algorithm such as the previous updates Panda, Penguin, Possum, Hummingbird, Fred, etc.

Google SearchLiaison Tweet

What this means

The tweet below is stating that Google now has a way of finding higher quality content more relevant to the users’ search. Parts of older algorithms like Panda are brought back into the new algorithm. The websites that were under-rewarded for having great content, but few visitors are going to see a spike in new users. It could greatly affect websites usually found on pages 1-2. They are getting hit the hardest and are experiencing a drop in impressions, visits, and conversions.

Google SearchLiaison Tweet

What to do if your rankings drop

Some websites have publicly announced that they have experienced 50% less traffic and their keywords appearing in the 1st-3rd position have now dropped to 10th-30th. According to Google, there is really nothing that can be done but make great and interesting content people want to read. This may be frustrating for the well-performing websites that were affected, but Google has made it clear they want to rank the best websites with the most useful and relevant content specific to the search. In time, great content will be the dominating factor for all websites, and without it your website rankings could drop even further.

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Creating good, interesting, and helpful content can be hard. Analyzing your analytics is critical to more accurately learn what your viewers find valuable, evaluate demographics, and identify search phrases used to find your site. Without having a proper analytics tool and the knowledge to interpret analytics correctly you will see your rankings continue to all. If your rankings, impressions, or clicks continue falling contact Design Angler. Design Angler can assist in reading analytics and creating great content that can help you stay on top.