Website Must-Haves #22: CTA Positioning

Design Angler - Friday, November 11, 2016

So you have a great Call To Action (or C-T-A), but how will people find it? You want to think about where you will be placing your CTAs. You don’t want to place CTAs everywhere because it will give people too many options...or not the right options at the right time. Consider this: 

  •  Segment your top-of-the-funnel and middle-of-the-funnel offers. Place top-of-the funnel type offers -- such as whitepapers and downloads-- on top-level pages. Add middle-of-funnel offers like “request a quote,” and “trials” as the prospect is digging deeper and learning more about your offering.
  •   Place CTAs both above and below the fold. Placing your Call To Action above the fold is important because that area of a page gets the most views. However, there are still other areas of a page to promote your CTAs. Add one at the bottom of different pages and within body content as well.
  •  Placing CTAs to the right of the page works better according to some studies, but testing this will ultimately determine what’s best for your website.
  •   Use thank-you pages for additional Calls To Action. A thank-you page or message is what is seen right after someone completes a web form. Many times there is plenty of real estate to offer more downloads and CTAs. Once a prospect completes a form, don’t stop there. Offer them additional downloads. However, if possible, do so without requiring them to complete another form.
  •  Test, test, test! The placement of your Calls To Action can impact conversion. It is a good idea to test different placements to determine which one works best for your website layout and the content you’re offering.

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