Still one of the best local advertising options.
Get measurable views and strong name recognition.
Reach thousands of people a day for fractions of a cent per view.

  • Spinal Health Professionals billboard.
  • Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers billboard.
  • Sanford Health Bemidji billboard.
  • Bemidji Sports Centre billboard.
  • Billboard lit at night.

Outdoor Advertising is becoming even more cost-effective. 

Billboards catch people's attention like no other type of advertising can. Use them to create strong brand recognition and deliver your message to a captive and repeating audience. Over 80% of Americans say they shop on the way home, and almost 70% say they make shopping decisions while driving. According to Arbitrion, outdoor advertising reaches 96% of Americans each week. With access to the main corridors into and out of major population areas, and pricing based on cost per views, the ROI of large outdoor advertising is appealing and measureable.

Typical CPM (cost per thousand views) for local media

  1. Outdoor $3
  2. Print $30
  3. Online $10
  4. Radio $14

There are many opportunities for large outdoor messaging beyond the proven highway billboard. Sports field sponsorships are available, amounting to billboard-style placement in high traffic areas. Fence mesh, scrim vinyl, and adhesive vinyl are all available. Custom installation designs are our specialty.

Vehicle wrap design and install can create effective and inexpensive mobile advertising platforms. This includes trailers, kiosks, buildings and wall wrap graphics. With our design chops and today's print and adhesive materials, the possibilities are endless.

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