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Spinal Health Professionals

A healthy start, ready to grow.


The chance to rebrand is always met with great energy. There is both excitement for and resistance to the change. The key is to recognize the existing strengths and stay close to them, while reimagining the ways the company can be perceived by both exisiting and new clients.


By listening closely to our client, we saw the chance to move from a local and chiropractic-centered name to one that embraces growth in all areas of spinal health. With that in mind we began to position them as both the local trusted source and the up and coming national brand.


Spinal Health Professionals is a name that is both assertive and descriptive. High energy blue and orange brand colors replace green shades (overused in the local market). A unified Brand Identity is rolled out across all media, including everything from office collateral to large outdoor print.


SHP saw a quick and positive result to the initial awareness campaign. Existing clients were retained, while new patient inquiries and appointments dramatically increased. They continue to work with us to produce quality branded material. The image and the message grow with the business.


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