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ShadowBanned on Instagram?

Design Angler - Thursday, March 29, 2018

Instagram has created a new type of ban called shadowban. Normally when you are banned from Instagram you will receive a message stating that someone has reported your account and therefore you are banned. The sneaky thing about the new shadowban is that you are never notified. The only way you can determine if you are shadowbanned is if your engagement dramatically drops and continues to drop.

To prevent Instagram Shadowban, avoid these 3 things:

  1. Using automated apps and websites
  2. Using banned hashtags
  3. Having bad online behavior
  1. Automated Apps and Websites
    An automated app or a website is defined as any program that can automatically like, comment, or follow/unfollow other accounts on your behalf. Using these types of tools is the fastest way to become shadowbanned. Instagram can easily detect if an account is using them and it will likely be immediately shadowbanned.
  2. Banned Hashtags
    Many common hashtags were being used in an inappropriate manner, which Instagram began to take notice. Common hashtags like #date, #skype, and many more have been taken over by inappropriate content that is not approved by Instagram. To see the full list of hashtags that have been banned by Instagram click here. *Warning* most of these hashtags do have offensive language.
  3. Bad Online Behavior
    Even if you do not use automated apps/websites or have used banned hashtags, you are still at risk of being shadowbanned. The most common reason people have been shadowbanned is not knowing and following Instagram's new rules. Accounts will send red flags to Instagram if you have:

    1. Edited captions after you’ve posted a photo.
    2. Put hashtags in the comments instead of the caption.
    3. Go on massive comment, like, or follow sprees. Instagram has stated that if an account likes 200 photos, comments on 60 photos, or follows/unfollows 60 accounts in an hour, they will be shadowbanned.

If you have been shadowbanned, or if you think you have been, contact Design Angler and we can help. We have a step by step process to see if you have been shadowbanned, and can help if you have been shadowbanned.

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