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Marketing on Snapchat

Design Angler - Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Nike, Urban Decay, Buzzfeed, Sportscenter, and more large businesses are starting to market on Snapchat and it is working for them. But can small businesses use Snapchat as an effective marketing strategy? Depending on the target market and what type of content you will post the answer is… absolutely!

Snapchat has over 400 million active users which is why it is now known as the new king of social media for millennials. If your target market is anywhere from 13-25 years of age then Snapchat would be a great social media platform to try. Here are seem key aspects to keep in mind when marketing on Snapchat as a small business in order to be successful.

Snapchat started 24 hour content called empirical content. Research has shown that empirical content creates a sense of urgency which creates an incentive for followers to check back daily. The main rule for Snapchat is to keep the content interesting and fun. Perfection is overrated on Snapchat. Millennials appreciate more live content that has a shaky camera, background sound, or any other “imperfection” that could occur during a video. The Snapchats with highest retention rates are “behind the scenes” snaps. It doesn’t matter what type of event you may have, it could be an employee meeting, a dance, a sponsorship event, a sneak peak of a new product, etc. Showing behind the scenes videos and walking your followers through an event is one of the fastest ways to gain more followers. The second highest retention rate snaps are promos, contests, giveaways, or special announcements. It is important to note, you shouldn’t have a “special announcement” everyday, more like once a week . Other snaps you can do are videos of products, get to know the employees, a DIY or project to do with your product, or customer reviews.

Around 83% of millennials will interact with companies when they appreciate their products. This can consist of a review, shout-out, social media shot of product, commenting, or messaging the company. Receiving recognition from customers is easier than ever and word of mouth is now considered posting on social media. Interacting with your followers is a must on Snapchat and when you consistently do that, you generate new leads for your business.

In conclusion, Snapchat is definitely worth a try for your small business. With the right content and the right attitude your business could extremely benefit. To get started marketing with Snapchat, or if you want to learn more contact Design Angler and we can always help you.

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