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Happy Fourth of July from Design Angler! - blog post image

Happy Fourth of July from Design Angler!

Design Angler - Wednesday, July 04, 2018

“Freedom is nothing else but a chance to be better.” -Albert Camus

Five Fun Facts about Independence Day

  1. Americans consume around 155 million hot dogs on that day alone.
  2. Benjamin Franklin actually wanted the turkey to be chosen as the national bird, not the bald eagle.
  3. The Liberty Bell has not been rung since 1846 for fear of breaking it.
  4. Congress didn’t declare Independence Day a recognized federal holiday until 1941.
  5. More than 14,000 fireworks displays are launched each year.

Whether you’re spending your day at the beach or at work, all of us here at Design Angler wish you a happy Fourth of July! Be safe, have fun, and don’t forget to thank those who have fought to keep our independence.

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