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Adwords and Analytics Certified

Design Angler - Monday, June 11, 2018

If you want your business to get noticed in 2018, an online presence is an absolute must. One way to get ahead of your competitor’s SEO is utilizing Google Adwords. Google Adwords are paid ads that will appear on the top and bottom of every page. The higher you bid or the better strategy you have, will determine what page your ad will be displayed. This may sound like SEO, however Google Adwords is much faster, almost instantaneous results compared to SEO. Adwords benefits you due to its massive reach while also providing a range for specific types of targeting, if you know how to utilize it properly.

Developing a successful Adwords campaign does not simply mean having the highest bid to attempt to make your ad #1. Google calculates the position of your ad by what your ad rank is (maximum bid * Quality Score.) Your CPC (cost per click) will be determined by the ad rank of the next highest ad below yours / quality score. There is more strategy in Google Adwords than expected, which is why it is important to trust the people handling your campaign.

Google provides tests and tutorials you can take to become certified in Analytics and Adwords. These lessons will teach you how to create successful Adwords campaigns and how to use Google Analytics to consistently improve your campaign. Design Angler works hard to build trust with all our clients, which is why we have our employees who specialize in SEO become Google Certified in these two areas. This helps ensure all Adword campaigns created are successful. To schedule an Adwords consultation, or if you have any questions on how to hook your customers feel free to contact Design Angler!

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